Fatigue Monitoring & Response Service (FMRS) System

FMRS stands for Fatigue Monitoring and Response (FMR) Service, provided by JalaWave to help Fleet Managers (Customers) improve awareness and control in their fatigue management program. Currently most Fleet Managers are unaware of fatigue-related situation that is happening in their fleet during operation. FMRS helps to solve this problem.

FMRS is a smart approach for Fleet Managers to improve their insight and awareness about the level of fatigue-related risk in their fleet DURING operation, NOT after some incidents. With FMRS, Fleet Manager immediately receive notifications whenever a driver shows fatigue symptoms and/or violates safety-driving regulation.

FMRS provided as a service, hence minimizing resource allocation, time to application, and complication of Fatigue Monitoring effort. Jalawave design FMRS with focus to the most essential factor for Fleet Manager, which is: Fatigue-Related Events Information. So, instead of burdening customer with complex IT System installation and operation, Jalawave provide a service that will make Fleet Manager focus on the monitoring of fatigue-related events and respond to it ASAP.

With FMRS provision model, Customer can IMMEDIATELY and INCREMENTALLY improve fatigue management program with minimum complex IT system integration.

It is “IMMEDIATELY” because the only activity required in customer premise is to install the intelligence sensor in the vehicle cabin. Once the sensor installed and turned on, Customer can immediately receive any alert when violation occurs. There is no waiting time for complex IT system integration.

It is “INCREMENTALLY” because Fleet Managers do not need to wait for thw whole fleet to be installed before using the service. The fatigue-related information will immediately arrive on Customer’s monitor, even if there is only 1 sensor installed. Progress to monitor the whole fleet can be done incrementally and at any pace in accordance to Customer’s vehicle availability schedule.

Market: Mining industry

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